Sunday, February 01, 2009

Why are loans taking longer than 30 days?

Good question! The answer to this question is the result of lower mortgage interest rates.
A few months ago, many lenders were laying off their underwriters, processors and customer service positions due to the slow refinance market. Then the Fed decided to purchase $600 billion worth of mortgage backed securities, which put confidence into the mortgage bond market. Rates dropped considerably and everyone was racing to their broker or bank to refinance. They just weren’t prepared for this influx of new loan applications, so what happened was a slow down in underwriting files. The lenders now had to re-hire new employees and train them in order to get back up to speed. This in turn is why it was taking so long to process loans. As we speak, they are still ramping up for this mini-refinance boom we are experiencing. Good news is that I have a lender who can close a loan from start to finish in 12 business days. Call Jeff Eisenberg - President, Southern Oaks Mortgage, Inc. in Valencia at 661.964.2600

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